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“Even though my life looked the way I wanted it to,

I still wasn’t present to the good.”

In 2018, overwhelmed by the challenges of being a stay-at-home mom to two young daughters, I hit a breaking point. Feeling tired of constantly feeling tired and questioning my abilities, I felt like a complete shell of myself. Then, my husband suggested a simple idea: focus on gratitude. Skeptical at first (and resistant to the idea that I needed to be more grateful), I decided to give it a shot. Waking up before my kids, I made intentional time for self-reflection and gratitude. Initially feeling awkward, this practice gradually transformed my perspective. After just a few weeks, I felt lighter, more appreciative, and excited about each day. It became the catalyst for massive changes in my life and the lives of my family.  This shift inspired me to share my experience with others. 

Driven by a newfound appreciation for gratitude, my husband Matthew and I spent three years developing resources and tools, resulting in The Experience, our digital 28-day Gratitude Initiative, guiding individuals in developing intentional practices around gratitude and presence. 

Rooted in scientific research & stories on gratitude’s impact, The Experience aims to remind you to Feel The Impact that daily Gratitude has in our life and provides the tools for you to set a new foundation in your life rooted in a perspective of Gratitude & Intention.

Take 28 days to refocus, rediscover gratitude, and set a new direction for a purposeful, present life.

The Experience is here to be your reminder and guide on this transformative journey that there is more to life than going through the motions. Embrace a life deeply rooted in Gratosis®.

As Co- Founders, our mission is to empower individuals to prioritize their well-being through fostering a foundation of intentional gratitude & presence.

Shannon & Matthew Missimer

“I got tired of going through the motions of my life...

so I got into the motion of gratitude.”

– Shannon, Chief Gratitude Officer

We’re with you

on your journey...

Whether you got here via a waterfall moment in your life or are simply on the river of your life journey, gratitude is a gentle guide back to yourself everyday.

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