The Motion of Gratitude® Story

Hi, I am Shannon, Founder and CGO (Chief Gratitude Officer) here at The Motion of Gratitude®. It was through my own personal journey that The Experience was created.

It was the summer of 2018 and I hit the wall.

I was exhausted and carrying what felt like an incredible weight that I hadn’t experienced before. At the time I was a stay at home mom to my two daughters, almost 3 and about 8 months old. I thought I had the parenting thing down after our first, but I learned rather quickly that each child is unique from the day they are born! The transition to two kids was more difficult than I anticipated and our second child took a little more time to adjust to the world. There were many sleepless nights and so much questioning as a mom as to whether I was doing the right thing to help her. Those moments of anxiousness and loneliness took a toll. I started feeling like a shell of the woman, mom and wife that I knew I was capable of being. I knew I didn’t want to keep feeling this way, but I felt like I couldn’t dig my way out.

One day I remember Matt coming home from work and I was sharing all the things that went wrong that day (and I am sure it had been a consistent conversation for a few weeks at this point.) I remember after I finished my thoughts he just looked at me and said :

What if you focus on what you are grateful for?

In that moment I can’t say I appreciated the comment and I also can’t say I had anything nice to say back. But a few days went by from our conversation and I couldn’t stop thinking about Matt’s comment. It made me question my thinking and it stuck with me. I decided I didn’t want to go down this path any longer, and I knew I needed to do something about it. I was the only person that could make the choice to make a change and show up differently in my life.

I was ready to stop going through the motions in my life

I decided to start waking up before the kids (which I had never done before because hello I thought I needed all the sleep I could get!) and I started MAKING time for myself. I got intentional about focusing on the things in my life that were going right, and the things that I was grateful for.

Day 1 felt so funky, and it was truly hard to think of things that I was Grateful for but I kept going, and I gradually started feeling a shift. I was waking up lighter, finding it easier to find things to be Grateful for, and was feeling an appreciation for life that had been missing for so long.

I started showing up differently in my life. I was more relaxed with my kid, more flexible in my day to day interactions, and more intentional and excited about my days.

I woke up after about four weeks and I realized the change that I was feeling and I had to share it with others. It felt so simple, yet so impactful in my life. Not to mention, I started researching the impact of Gratitude from a scientific perspective. I was blown away by the studies and research being done to see and evaluate the impact that Gratitude practices have on our physical bodies (especially our brains!).

After almost 3 years of pilot programs, product and app development, Matt and I have taken the resources and tools I used and have turned it into The Experience you have today. We are so honored to share it with you.

All of this started because I needed a reminder during an intense time to stop just going through the motions and to start to be intentional about my days. Our hope with The Experience is to be that reminder for you and to give you the tools to make it happen.

Maybe by taking 28 days to make time to slow down and remember what brings feelings of Gratitude into your life it can put you on a path in a new direction. One with purpose, and excitement and so many incredible moments that you will truly appreciate and be present to witness. A life well lived, deeply rooted in Gratosis®.

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This started out as an idea and we needed the belief of others to bring it to life. We found an incredible team who saw the vision and made it reality.

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A World in Gratosis ®

What if we lived in a world where Gratitude was our default setting? We are here to help make that happen. Gratosis ®: The state, process or condition of Gratitude.

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We set out to create a product that was not only truly impactful to help individuals feel the impact of intentional Gratitude, but also eco conscious and support best practices for our planet.

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