What if Gratosis® was
your next diagnosis?


The State, Process or Condition of Gratitude

We are here to create a world in Gratosis®

We all know it when we feel it. That feeling deep in our bones that is full of appreciation for life or for someone that makes an imprint in our lives that is beyond ourselves. But for most of us that feeling is fleeting, and quickly replaced with feelings of stress, anxiety or frustration about what is going on in our lives.

We want to help create moments for you to experience that feeling more fully and more consistently. And science has proven that this is more than just a feeling. It is a physical change that takes place in our body, that can rewire our brain, and have a huge impact on how we view the world. We can condition ourselves to be in a state of Gratitude.

Now its time to give it a name, to become intentional about it and get so clear on what it takes to create those feelings so that we can make choices to feel it more consistently.

This is the beginning of living in Gratosis®.

You walk into your doctor and share your symptoms:

  • feeling well rested and sleeping great

  • calm mind and feeling like your energy is focused on what you need to accomplish today

  • your stress levels have decreased to the point that you found yourself smiling when your child threw a tantrum instead of reacting with frustration as you had in the past

  • a sense of optimism and lightheartedness even though you have no idea what is coming in your life

  • a true appreciation and gratitude for life you are currently living

  • the ability to be present to make choices that feel right and are not led by fear

What if you made intentional choices to support a positive diagnosis, instead of trying to avoid a negative one?

Are you a group or business looking to create a culture of Gratosis® within your

We want to partner with you.