Use Habit Stacking Techniques to Create
a Daily Gratitude Practice

Week 1: 10 Minutes

Get started with a daily
gratitude journaling
practice and get in the
habit of checking in with
yourself each morning.

Week 2: 15 Minutes

Seal in your practice with
some simple breathwork
to truly embody your
gratitude mindset and
bring it into your day.

Week 3: 20 Minutes

This week we’re adding in
a quick loving kindness
meditation to amplify your
gratitude and share it with
the people you love.

Week 4: 50 Minutes

Close your day with
gratitude by incorporating
an evening routine with
a Yoga Nidra practice
before bed.

Mental Health

The Science of Gratitude

When you practice gratitude, you’re actually training your brain to focus on the positive stuff, even though we humans tend to notice the negative more naturally. It’s like rewiring your mind to feel happier and spend less time dwelling on the things that bring you down.

Meet Shannon

Chief Gratitude Officer

Find Spaciousness Between Your Triggers & Reactions

Unsolicited feedback from your annoying coworker?

"I can handle this"

Kids throwing a temper tantrum at Target?

"I can handle this"

Obsessively thinking about something in the past?

"I can handle this"

What is Gratosis®?

Hint: It’s an achievable state of daily gratitude that will
keep you above the drama and in the present

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