It's Time To Focus On The Caregivers

As a company that focuses on supporting the caregivers in the world, teachers play a pivotal role that is not to be missed, overlooked or lumped in. Teachers have become mentors, therapists, sounding boards, and safe spaces for children to grow and thrive. And we want to support YOU. As we recognize the critical role educators play in shaping the future, our initiative begins with supporting teachers, the caregivers and educators themselves. By prioritizing their well-being, they can show up fully to support their students and lay the foundation for nurturing school environments where students can thrive.

“ Teachers plant the seeds of knowledge that last a lifetime. They are not just educators; they are nurturers, caregivers, and mentors who shape our future with love, dedication and compassion”


The Problem: Teachers are Burned Out

While burnout is a common phenomenon in all professions, teachers tend to see higher levels of burnout. In fact, one survey by Randshowss that teachers are more than twice as likely to be stressed as other working adults.

According to a study from the American Educational Research Association, teachers in the U.S. are 40% more likely to experience symptoms of anxiety compared to healthcare workers, 20% more likely than office workers, and 30% more likely than workers in other professions like farming and the military.

K-12 teachers are the #1 most burnt-out profession in The United States

In the 2022 Gallup Poll on occupational burnout, 44% of American K-12 teachers reported frequently or consistently experiencing burnout.

14% Increase in K-12 Stress & Burnout

Gallup conducted a survey of 12,319 U.S. full-time employees, including 1,263 K-12 teachers, to study workplace stress and burnout. In 2020, 36% of K-12 teachers reported feeling burned out very often or always at work, compared to 28% of workers in other industries. This gap increased to 14% in 2022, with 44% of K-12 teachers and 30% of workers in other industries reporting the same levels of burnout.

28% of educators experience symptoms of depression

Almost double other professions. More than a quarter, 28%, of teachers in a survey reported that they have experienced symptoms related to depression. This figure compares to just 17% of the workforce in non-teaching occupations. (According to Forbes)

“ By prioritizing the well-being of educators and implementing strategies to reduce stress and support teacher resilience, schools can create a more sustainable and nurturing environment for both teachers and students.”


In Your Own Space

Teachers already have enough on their plate, and sometimes when it comes to personal development or growth, its a private journey. We created the Experience to be accessed whereever feels most aligned for the participant. Whether that is in the classroom before school or at home when you wake up.

At Your Own Pace

Through our digital experience on The Motion of Gratitude App, all participants are given access to weekly practices and tools and daily insights to guide them on their 28 day initiative. No access to social media, or advanced tech required. Download the app, login, and FEEL THE IMPACT of what an intentional gratitude practice can provide.

Empowering Gift

This isn’t just another assembly or opportunity to TALK to educators about what they need to do. This is an opportunity to hand educators a BEAUTIFUL physical product that gives them access to the tools & resources to empower themselves to find presence and gratitude for their day. Once they feel it, they can share it with their students, faculty and peers. It is a give that keeps giving to the entire school .

Community Initiative

Community experiences provides you with the value of principles and a facilitated process applied to a group of people who are focused on developing through the collective of the group, yet have their own individual goals. It helps individuals to grow together, feed off the positive momentum and experience something as a community. And Gratitude once felt is contagious.