Our Community Gratitude Initiative (CGI)

Cultivate a Gratitude Culture

Whether you are a business owner, team leader, community organizer, or a manager looking to support your colleagues…

The Motion of Gratitude® offers The Experience, a unique opportunity to present to your own community- to empower all individuals to feel the impact™ of Intentional Gratitude & Being Present in their daily life.

On their own time & in their own space.

Giving the Gift of a Community Gratitude Initiative (CGI).

Are you looking to change the vibe or offer a fresh starting point in your community/business culture? Are you ready to offer something to your people that will truly benefit their well being?

The Experience from The Motion of Gratitude® is an incredible way to help your community feel how impactful it is to practice intentional Gratitude and to be Present in their everyday life (which also includes their professional life!)

You are not only supporting their growth and well-being you are creating an opportunity for more fulfilled individuals, which leads to a happier more fulfilled community/workplace.

Now that is a win-win.

What if you could create a culture of Gratitude? Not only would you be offering something truly beneficial to your community to encourage them to slow down and find Gratitude in their daily life (not to mention with potential for better sleep, less stress, and stronger immune systems). Those benefits start with the individual and spiral up to benefit you as the business leader, manager, community organizer, etc!

With more fulfilled people you create a more fulfilled, lively community of individuals who work together to better support the mission and vision of your organization as a whole. If that isn’t a win-win then I am not quite sure what is.

There is no better gift that you can give to your people, and to your business.

-Shannon Missimer, CGO

Not quite sure of the benefits?

We get it! The research is there, it just isn’t a main topic of conversation when it comes to health and wellness.

We have included some supporting research on Gratitude Initiatives in the Work Place and Gratitude in general when it comes to personal well-being

How Gratitude Can Transform Your Workplace (berkeley.edu)

The Business Impact Of Gratitude (forbes.com)



31 Benefits of Gratitude: The Ultimate Science-Backed Guide (happierhuman.com)

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