It’s Time to Focus on Employee Well-Being

Employee mental health has been at the epicenter of discussions on the future of work for many years, with the COVID-19 pandemic only intensifying this focus. As a result, employee engagement, stress, and burnout have begun to dominate reports on the state of the workplace.

With the spotlight on the importance of creating a workplace that supports employee wellbeing shining brighter than ever before, it’s clear that managers need to take action. But the question becomes, where do you begin?

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“ What if you could create a culture of Gratitude? Not only would you be offering something truly beneficial to your community to encourage them to slow down and find Gratitude in their daily life (not to mention with potential for better sleep, less stress, and stronger immune systems). Those benefits start with the individual and spiral up to benefit you as the business leader, manager, and organization as a whole. ”


Employees are Burned Out

Burnout in corporations often stems from prolonged exposure to high levels of workplace stress, inadequate support systems, unrealistic expectations, lack of work-life balance, and a sense of disconnection from organizational values and purpose. These factors can culminate in emotional, mental, and physical exhaustion, ultimately diminishing employee well-being and performance.

According to the American Psychological Association’s 2021 Work and Wellbeing Survey

3 in 5 workers reported experiencing negative mental and physical impacts due to work- related stress

Workplace Burnout is Increasing

76% of respondents in a Mental Health America and FlexJobs study agreed that workplace stress affects their mental health, and 75% experienced burnout

Stress is still extremly high post pandemic

Gallup’s 2023 State of the Global Workplace report has suggested that, while the world is recovering from the impact of the pandemic, employees are still experiencing record-high stress levels. 44% of respondents said they experienced a lot of stress the day prior, showing no change from the previous year

A survey conducted by the American Institute of Stress found that 80% of workers feel stressed on the job, with 40% citing their job as "very or extremely stressful, this stress costs US businesses an estimated $300 billion a year in lost productivity." It's crucial to address this issue and learn how to manage stress to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

The Solution- Give the Gift of Gratitude


The Experience From The Motion Of Gratitude

Through a combined physical product and digital experience we create a structure for individuals to practice intentional Gratitude and being present while navigating the intense responsibility of their professional career.

 Combining gratitude and mindfulness can be a powerful way to overcome workplace stress. By practicing gratitude, we cultivate positive emotions that we can draw upon during times of stress. By practicing mindfulness, we become more aware of our thoughts and emotions, which allows us to respond more skilfully to stressors. By integrating both practices into our daily routine, we can build our emotional bank, reduce stress, and improve our overall well-being.


In Your Own Space

Employees already have enough on their plate, and sometimes when it comes to personal development or growth, its a private journey. We created the Experience to be accessed where ever feels most aligned for the participant. Whether that is in the office before starting work for the day or at home when you wake up.

At Your Own Pace

Through our digital experience on The Motion of Gratitude App, all participants are given access to weekly practices and tools and daily insights to guide them on their 28 day initiative. No access to social media, or advanced tech required. Download the app, login, and FEEL THE IMPACT of what an intentional gratitude practice can provide.

Empowering Gift

This isn’t just another assembly or opportunity to TALK to employees about what they need to do. This is an opportunity to hand your community a BEAUTIFUL physical product that gives them access to the tools & resources to empower themselves to find presence and gratitude for their day. Once they feel it, they can share it with their co-workers, teams and peers. It is a give that keeps giving to the entire organization .

Community Initiative

Community experiences provides you with the value of principles and a facilitated process applied to a group of people who are focused on developing through the collective of the group, yet have their own individual goals. It helps individuals to grow together, feed off the positive momentum and experience something as a community. And Gratitude once felt is contagious.