The Experience FAQs

The Experience is a 28 day Gratitude Initiative to help you feel the impact of intentional gratitude in your life. I think we all understand that Gratitude is valuable but sometimes we can’t feel the impact or benefit of something until we get very intentional about it. This is set up to create structure and support around a daily Gratitude practice so you can experience first hand the benefits.

Gratitude is an underutilized tool when it comes to mental wellbeing. There has been so much science and research done to explore the benefits of gratitude practices and the impact they have on anxiety, mental health, physical health, energy, immune function and so much more! Sometimes the simple solutions get overlooked and the purpose of this experience is to remind people just how powerful Gratitude can be. We combine the science and stories to help you feel how impactful and beneficial intentional Gratitude can be in your life.

EVERYONE! In a fast paced world where we are constantly on the go this has the ability to impact just about anyone. But to narrow it down for you to see if you fit that mold; The Experience was created for anyone who is tired of going through the motions in their life and looking for a new starting point: Some examples of that might be:

  • If you are a mother lost in the intense phase of motherhood looking to find a piece of yourself again
  • If you are someone who has been in a career for a long time and realize you have no idea how you got there or why you are still doing it
  • if you feel like too much of your life is on autopilot
  • If you are physically healthy and strong, but feel like your mental wellbeing needs more support
  • If you are ready to be present in your life and not miss out on the beautiful moments even when life is intense
  • If you are ready for a change but can’t even identify what you enjoy anymore

The biggest investment you will make is with your time. With a lifestyle change comes a shift in how you show up and a shift in rhythm. With the Experience you will work up to investing about an hour of your time per day (as the weeks progress) to show up for yourself and get intentional about how you start your day and your intentional Gratitude practice. The first week is about 15 minutes, second and third week about 30-40 minutes and the last week about an hour.

For cost, all of our prices are listed on our website in the shop and depending on which Experience you choose will determine your cost!

We wanted to offer different editions to meet peoples needs and budgets so there is a little something for everyone! Our Basic Edition is just that- the basic items you need to get you started with the Experience (Access to the app and your Gratosis® Bracelets!). The only thing that you would need to purchase separately is a journal before Day 1! The Classic and Gift Editions both come with a beautiful eco conscious Motion of Gratitude® journal for you to use during the Experience. The Gift Edition, however, comes with a beautiful keepsake eco conscious linen box for you to use long after The Experience is over!  

 There is no physical activity as part of The Experience (Not to say it won’t spur you to want to do more!). However part of The Experience does involve meditation to make you aware in case you have any concerns. The meditation portion is meant to be a starting point and therefore does not dive too deep into different forms of meditation.

Actually this is meant to be a new starting point so no experience is needed whatsoever!! If you are new to even thinking about exploring Gratitude and being present in your life this is a way to truly initiate that process. If you have prior experience you are also welcome! This might be an opportunity to revisit and strengthen those Gratitude muscles if they have atrophied along the way.