There is more to life than just going through
the Motions

Feel The Impact โ„ขof Intentional Gratitude

The Motion of Gratitudeยฎ offers The Experience, a 28-Day Initiative to help you feel the power of Intentional Gratitude & Being Present in your daily life.

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Weekly Practices & Daily Insights

Weekly Practices & Daily Insights

Everything you need to implement Gratitude Practices into your life

Combine Physical Product & Digital Experience

Combine Physical Product & Digital Experience

All you have to do is wake up, show up and enjoy all The Experience provides to you!

A Community of Support

A Community of Support

You might be doing the Experience by yourself, but you are not alone.

What People Are Saying About The Experience from The Motion of Gratitudeยฎ

     When I was introduced to The Experience from The Motion of Gratitudeยฎ, I was in the right place for a change. I was eager to challenge myself to do something outside of my comfort routine. I've always been one to practice gratitude but the structured and guided formation of this Experience created consistency. It allowed me to take time for me each day. While I experienced the motion of gratitude I recognized so many little and big blessings in my personal and professional life. I am GRATEFUL for this Experience and believe everyone who gets into the motion will experience a greater fulfillment of life!

โ€” Jamie Lynn, 40 (entrepreneur & mother of 3)

     Thank you for letting me join The Experience from the Motion of Gratitudeยฎ. From the moment I heard about it, I felt it was something I needed in my life. From that first week I felt a change in myself. The Experience has helped me learn so much about myself and what I want and need in my life. I am still practicing the experience, I am feeling the change that it has brought into my life. I feel very fortunate to have been able to experience this journey and I thank you for truly changing my life, helping me to see life and myself in ways I have rushed through and pushed feelings and emotions aside. I look forward to my new routines AND continuing the Motion of Gratitude!

โ€” Linda, 62 (professional woman, Mother and Grandmother)

I absolutely loved everything about this experience! Beginning with the first week, I could already notice a shift in my attitude, mood, etc. but with the addition during week 2, I felt even more peace from within, patience with myself, my children, others and began to love the โ€œmeโ€ time I INTENTIONALLY set aside each morning. With 2 young babies, some days are tough, but remembering how this time goes too quick, to be patient and take a deep breath during those not-so-easy moments is something I have been able to really remind myself throughout this experience. It is incredible how just a few daily changes can change your entire mentality.

โ€” Bridget, 30 (Mother in the thick of parenting two little humans)

Sometimes we just need a reminder of where to start.