The Team

Shannon Missimer Founder & CGO (Chief Gratitude Officer)

As I shared in our story, The Motion of Gratitude® was started from my own personal need for a lifestyle shift. Through an intentional Gratitude practice and focusing on being present in my life, I have felt the pull to encourage others to do the same.

My role here at The Motion of Gratitude® is to support you in your pursuit of Gratotsis®, whatever that may look like to you. Intentional Gratitude was the gateway to a whole different way of looking at the world and experiencing things around me. My hope is to provide resources and tools that encourage you to feel how impactful it can be to slow down, be intentional and feel what brings Gratitude in your life.

After graduating early from Penn State with a B.S. in Economics I was motivated to start my professional career, and thought I would find fulfillment making money in the business world. I never quite understood what it meant to actually be present and slow down. I started working in the financial services industry before making my way into Health Insurance where I was an Account Executive responsible for the retention of some of the companies largest National Accounts. At the age of 24 I was handling multi million dollar accounts and on a “professional track” that I had dreamed was the answer when I was in college. The grind and the intensity left me feeling worn out and lacking motivation. After Matt and I got married and started planning for a family I realized I was meant to stay home and raise my babies. I knew it was going to be a big shift, but to me nothing felt more fulfilling than having the opportunity to stay home and watch and support the development of my children. I left the professional world and have been raising my kids at home since 2015.

Since staying home my definition of success has shifted dramatically. Now it has become more about doing work that fills me up and is purpose driven. The Motion of Gratitude is a beautiful outlet that has given me the opportunity to balance both.

I love spending time in nature, going on travel adventures with my family and slowing down and getting back to the basics (deeply rooted in self care) of what makes me feel good on a daily basis.

We are so excited to welcome you to our community! I hope you find something that resonates with you here.

Matthew Missimer Founder

Hi I am Matt, Co-Founder here at The Motion of Gratitude®.

My role is to provide a strong business foundation to keep everything running smoothly on the day to day.

Two years ago, I made a transition in my Financial Services business of 15 years to find more balance and to start living my day to day differently. It was a big change, but it has been an incredible gift to me and our family. I am still working in the financial services industry as a financial planner.  It is an honor and a pleasure to have such real meaningful conversations with people and be a part of their lives.

This change professionally has allowed me to take that entrepreneurial spirit and transition it here to The Motion of Gratitude® .

In this next chapter I am excited to work with my wife on a project that we are both passionate about. We complement each other in the business roles. Shannon brings a creative approach and I am more analytical in business. My hope is our combined efforts will help share with people a different way to shift your perspective and help create a world in Gratosis®!

These days I love making time to go fishing (Shannon calls me Moana because I always get called to the water), adventuring and traveling as a family and just finding new things that drive me every day.

Although we have different “titles” here at The Motion of Gratitude®, this is a package deal and we are both excited to introduce The Experience to you. We hope you find Gratosis® in their life, whatever that means to you.

Noble Gestures Publishing Company

Journal Development and Product Publishing

“With over 39 years experience in the industry, Noble Gestures Publishing Company offers design, printing, packaging & fulfillment services. Their focus is on Fair Trade practices and sustainability for a healthy environment full of happy humans and critters (domestic and wild). They also sell high quality FSC® Certified greeting cards with unique art. Visit for more info.”

Dowling Brothers Gratosis® Bracelet Team

Dowling Brothers is a family owned business by two brothers. They began in 2012 while in college after deciding to produce their own jewelry due to how overpriced retailers were. They are located in Atlanta, Georgia. They have created our Motion of Gratitude bracelets using eco friendly materials, and eco friendly dying practices. You can find more information about Dowling Brothers on their website.

Jaki Reynolds Meditation Guide

Hi, my name is Jaki. My family and I moved to the United States from England in 2005 and have made our home here. I have been a yoga student and instructor for over 15 years, and have taken numerous teacher trainings from many experts and also learned a lot from self exploration and experience. When starting this journey I was totally anti meditation. I could see no point in sitting and thinking of nothing! I also believed that I couldn’t meditate in what I then believed to be the ‘correct’ way. Oh boy was I wrong! Firstly, there is no ‘correct’ way, therefore, there is no ‘incorrect’ way to meditate. Secondly, there are soooooo many different techniques out there that I am now a firm believer that everyone can meditate in some form or other, and experience the benefits for themselves.

I have taken a training on Yoga Nidra (Yogic sleep) and have practiced and led this technique for over 10 years. This is an amazing experience that I would totally recommend anyone trying if given the opportunity

I’m incredibly grateful to have been asked to take part in this wonderful offering and it is my sincere hope that my small part in it brings you something positive and useful.

Liberating Solution App Development

LIBERATING SOLUTION a leading independent website design, online marketing, and custom programming agency serving clients from all across Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, UK, USA & CANADA. Our consultants, designers, and developers provide all the business and marketing services to get the most complicated jobs done right, with personal service customers deserve and expect. We have been serving the global market for more than 11 Years. We have a complete in house team of 50 people (and growing) that includes Web Designers, Developers, Marketers, App Developers, Project managers  etc.

Learn more about Liberating Solution here

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