Change Your Life in 28 Days with the Power of Gratitude

Gratitude is not just a nice idea-it’s proven by science to actually change your brain and make you a happier person.

Rooted in scientific research & stories on gratitude’s impact, The Experience aims to remind you to Feel The Impact that daily Gratitude has in our life and provides the tools for you to set a new foundation in your life rooted in a perspective of Gratitude & Intention.

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Use Habit Stacking Techniques to Create
a Daily Gratitude Practice

Week 1: 10 Minutes

Get started with a daily
gratitude journaling
practice and get in the
habit of checking in with
yourself each morning.

Week 2: 15 Minutes

Seal in your practice with
some simple breathwork
to truly embody your
gratitude mindset and
bring it into your day.

Week 3: 20 Minutes

This week we’re adding in
a quick loving kindness
meditation to amplify your
gratitude and share it with
the people you love.

Week 4: 50 Minutes

Close your day with
gratitude by incorporating
an evening routine with
a Yoga Nidra practice
before bed.

We’re with you

on your journey...

Whether you got here via a waterfall moment in your life or are simply on the river of your life journey, gratitude is a gentle guide back to yourself everyday.

What is Gratosis®?

Hint: It’s an achievable state of daily gratitude that will
keep you above the drama and in the present

Do it at your own pace, in your own space.

“I don’t have enough time”

You need just 10 minutes a day to begin this practice!

“I say grace at dinner,
does that count?”

With this practice you will go from speaking to embodying true gratitude– and we promise it will change your life!

“This is not in my budget”

Get access to this practice for
just $1 a day!


“The kids come first– they
keep me so busy!”

Practicing gratitude will actually make you a better mom! Release irritability and increase your emotional bandwidth to deal with tough situations.