What is a Gratitude Initiative?

In the world of wellness and creating new positive habits we spend a lot of time focused on our health. Think about a time when you were ready to make a serious lifestyle change- what did you do? Did you wake up the day of having done no preparation and have no plan? That isn’t always the best strategy if we are serious and looking to make a meaningful change in our life.

And when you are looking to make a meaningful change do you workout once a week with the hope of getting those six pack abs? No, you usually look for a workout program where you commit for a set period of time to do an intensive reset to help you create new habits. One purpose of being consistent for a set period of time is to see results so you are motivated to keep going once the program is complete.

How Does This Apply to Gratitude?

Unless we get intentional and consistent with a Gratitude practice, it is hard to see and feel the benefits in our daily life. In the same way we won’t get six pack abs in a week, the benefits of a Gratitude practice take time and intentional consistency in order to see results.

A Gratitude Initiative is meant to be that starting point, the initial kick off to help you get intentional with your Gratitude practice. In the same way you participate in a wellness program or challenge to have support and structure as you make changes to your wellness routine, a Gratitude Initiative is meant to offer that same guidance when implementing new gratitude practices into your daily life.

Feel like you need that initial starting point to get intentional with your Gratitude practices? Check out our 28 Day Gratitude Initiative at The Motion of Gratitude to help you feel the impact of Gratitude in your own life!

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